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furnaces split systems Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair in Bel Air, Newhall   Air Conditioning Repair Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, Newhall and Surrounding Areas

Quality Furnaces For Split Systems

Economy Plus gives you prompt and expert air conditioning and heating repair services in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, and Newhall. Our technicians will do all necessary repairs and even assist you in installation and maintenance needs. Please call our office to schedule regular maintenance, cleaning, and minor repairs for your air conditioning and heating systems in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, and Newhall.

Besides repairs and installation services of quality and world-class brands in air conditioning, Economy Plus also has a wide-range of furnaces you can choose from to suit your home and offices in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, and Newhall. All our furnaces are made to meet the latest environmental standards and ensure efficient heating for both residential and commercial usage.

Please take the time to read more about our furnaces below. We also have repeat promos, discounts, and special offers on air conditioning, heating, and furnace repair and sales services to all customers in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, Newhall, and other surrounding locations so make sure to check or call our showroom for more information.

Split-System Furnaces

Are you looking for better and more efficient type of furnace for your home in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, or Newhall? Here at Economy Plus, we don’t just give you professional repair services for air conditioning and heating. We also have just the right furnace type for you!

Our Split-System Furnaces (part of the Evolution System) are gas and oil furnaces that are highly efficient and can provide a warm atmosphere/temperature that is even throughout the room and will bring comfort to your family and guests during the cold, winter season. A very good feature of these types of furnaces is that it does not cause the air to become dry so there is a pleasant kind of heat in the area.

Also, since our split-system furnaces are built to last years, you do not need major repairs or tedious maintenance work on them in order to really keep them properly working for many years. Whether you are residing in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, or Newhall, our expert technicians will help you set up the furnace when you purchase a unit from us.

About Our Split-System Furnaces

Gas powered using natural gas, our furnaces are capable of 96% yearly fuel utilization and efficiency. You do not only get to keep warm during extremely cold temperatures, but also have the peace of mind that you won't spend thousands of dollars on your next electric bill! This is truly an energy saving furnace without the hassle of complicated instructions and maintenance.

In order to better control and maximize the benefits of our split-system furnaces, please have one of our experienced air conditioning and heating repair technicians help you with the installation of your new furnace. It's important to know how to properly operate and control furnaces so that you can be sure that you are indeed saving on energy costs and consumption. Our air conditioning and furnace services are available to all residents in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, and Newhall.

Installation Requirements

Just like air conditioning systems, furnaces also have several installation requirements. Split-System furnaces can be easily installed in practically any part of your home. You can have it in the attic or inside a closet space, or even in the garage area. As long as there is ample space, we can install your split-type furnaces in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, and Newhall.

Buying the Right Split-System Furnace

When choosing the split-system furnace unit for your home, we must first get the total square footage of your house. The corresponding measurement will then help us decide what furnace is the best one that can provide even heat throughout the room.

Having an energy efficient and yet highly effective furnace for your home or business location in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, and Newhall is important in making sure that you and your family can have a comfortable time at home. It also works as a air conditioner during the summer as it can move fresh air from your cooling system.

CALL US TODAY to get more details about our furnaces and other heating and cooling products. We’d be happy to answer all your inquiries. All our repair and installation services are available for clients in Moorpark, Topanga, Reseda, Bel Air, Newhall, and other surrounding areas. Please see our side bar for detailed list of locations we serve.


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